Twin Cities Reggae – About Us

By jwilleck on

Who are we?

We are a small mom and pop shop located in the Twin Cities.  We are huge fans of Reggae Music  and want to promote Reggae music in the Minneapolis St Paul area. Our website does NOT make any profit, and is a free resource to help Reggae music lovers like ourselves to find upcoming music shows and events.

Why the free website?

We want to expand the Reggae fan base in the Minneapolis and continue to help promote the local artists, as well as spread the word of Reggae Bands traveling through the Twin Cities.  Nothing worse than finding out your favorite band was in town and you missed them!

How do we contact Twin Cities Reggae?

If you would like to add your group bio or upcoming show to our website, please submit your event and we will post it within 24 hours. Keep your fans up to date and spread the word!

Want to give us some feedback on how we can improve our site?  We are always looking for ways to help share the love of Reggae Music!